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Make a pause… at Raum B!

Come and visit us in Berlin Neukölln! Our charmant bookshops has a lot to offer! Second-hand books in English, German and French, of course! But you can have a very nice coffee (Kenya) as...

On Friday 17th April - 8 p.m. : concert in Raum B - free 0

Mike Spine’s concert: some pictures

Mike Spike was at Raum B! Here some pictures from this committed concert! Great texts, great voice, great music! Many thanks and we wish you a very successful tour in Europa! Visit the website!...

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On Thursday 6th September: Kiezacker

Kiezacker 06.10.2016, 5:00 – 6:45 pm   Kiezacker is a new “neighbourhood academy” in Berlin celebrating the value that is embedded in the Kiez. Through the sharing of knowledge, we hope to establish new...