Exhibition: Aleka Manolas’ art at Raum B

"He" Aleka Manolas

“He” from Aleka Manolas
© Photo: Ancuta Lordacescu

Alex is a French artist who was born in 1960 in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Painting and drawing from childhood on, she left Germany in 1978 to study visual and audiovisual communication at the Art School in Nice in a very mixed cultural environment implying philosophy, literature, anthropology, music, cinema and a scholarship at the Art School of Bristol.

Travelling in Europe, Lebanon and Egypt.  She moved to Paris after her master’s degree in 1984 where she worked as an independent graphic-designer and teacher and where she started documentary children-book illustration to earn her living, for Gallimard Jeunesse publishing company for instance. For many years she has been continuing conception and realisation of books beside sculpture, painting, drawing and writing, travelling in Europe, California and La Martinique.

Free creation was getting urgent to develop, she decided to concentrate on her personal works and researches.

Raum B offers you the possibility to discover drawings and paintings from Akela as well as several bas-reliefs with tearing reflects.

Hier the artist’s website.

Khlebnikov Aleka Manolas

Khlebnikov from Aleka Manolas
© Photo: Ancuta Lordacescu

Aleka Manolas Raum B

No title – Aleka Manolas
© Photo: Ancuta Lordacescu

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