Crazy or not crazy? «Rocambolesque» for sure, so be it!

Rocambolesque 1 and 2 by Hirlemann

Discover it at Raum B

You want to live an extraordinary adventure? You want to help to save the world from the bad guys? Than join our hero who has just escaped from an old’s home… who had to pass through the window to do so… like a septuagenarian Peter Pan willing to reach new phantasmagorical territories… but… in a slightly different way… let’s say! He did not really have the choice and everything is kind of less sentimental…

The comics: With strong caricatural characters, lead’s black hit by splashes of orange (and green), Hirlemann, the author, takes you on a freaky trip.

Hirlemann A Modern Hero

A Modern Hero – Rocambolesque

Step 1: A Modern Hero, that’s the genesis of everything that is nothing and everything at the same time! Got it? The plot is: Mr Poujol has to flee from his place to survive, lands on a ghost ship that leads him to his new friend, Alexi the gorilla, whose sexuality is still unknown… But they will bring you to the second step and you will know more about everything….

Rocambolesque N°2

Crime and Vegetables – Rocambolesque

Step 2: Crime and Vegetables, the goal is… to save the world! This time the enemy is a robot and the environment is totally… politically incorrect ; which includes some spices of gerontology-friendly sexuality… And it is, therefore, totally funny!

Step 3 is on its way… if you want a preview, visit Hirlemann’s website!

Rocambolesque by Hirlemann with dialogues by Pierce Warnecke, N°1 and N°2 available at Raum B

And more about the author’s work here.

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