On Friday 2nd June: Launch of the new issue from English/French publication “Pain perdu”

On Friday, 2nd June 7 p.m.

free entrance

Launch of The Kitchen Table Collective’s new project, Issue 2: Origines/Origins of their independent art publication Pain Perdu / French Toast.

Origins poster (2)About The Kitchen Table Collective:

The Kitchen Table Collective began informally as a group of friends meeting to discuss artistic projects and practice, around founding member Alexia Villard’s kitchen table.

After several meetings and countless cups of coffee they decided to form the collective officially in 2015. They currently have 3 members, based between London, Paris and New Zealand. As they move and expand their are inspired by their own experiences and by those they meet along the way.


As a collective they welcome collaboration as a way to challenge their own individual arts practices, and are always inspired by their fellow makers and creatives.

For this project they are working with 10 contributing artists to accompany submissions from members of the collective, focusing on how artists explore the practice of archiving in relation to the theme of Origins. The publication and accompanying exhibition will include written and visual submissions in a variety of mediums.

The artists contributing to this project are:

Jack Ashley (UK), Giulia Astesani (Italy), Andrea Aversa & Davide Cascio (France/Italy/Switzerland), Cabinet de Fumisterie Appliquée (France), Amandine Freyd (France), Jessica Galiver (UK), Phil Le Gal (France/UK), Emma Mudgway (New Zealand), Sonia Knop (Germany), Léa Lescure (Germany), Zoé Schreiber (Belgium), Alexia Villard (France/UK), Ziota (Romania).

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