Photo exhibition 18/31 March: “Moments” by Tihana Romanić

Moments – an exhibition by Tihana Romanić

Vernissage on Saturday 18th March 2017 – 4 p.m.

Exhibition: 18/31 March 2017


After deferring to the point of no return her PhD on an obscure Czech philosopher whom she still finds fascinating, Tihana Romanić moved from London to Berlin in 2007 where she plans to live happily ever after. When she is not teaching she cannot be found anywhere because she is either training for a marathon, writing, or taking photographs.

She pursues her interest in capturing the beauty of the ordinary by slowing down and noticing what is around us. She photographs what she sees as an observer, without interfering with the subjects.

About the exhibition:

The photos in “Moments” are part of an ongoing project started in summer 2012. The photos were taken from 2012 to the present, in Berlin, New York, Paris, London, Brighton, Reading, Zagreb, Split and Belgrade.

Using her phone, Tihana captures the daily life of the people and the streets around her, and uses an application to apply lens and film effects that are reminiscent of past eras. She frequently mixes a film from one decade with a lens from another – sometimes a century apart.

The result is a series of fleeting moments that are drenched in an air of nostalgia, hinting at what has happened a moment before, or what may be about to transpire.

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