On Friday 8th May – 8 p.m.: Russian music with Maxim Pritula

Concert of Russian music and reading of German texts by Maxim Pritula

Friday 8th May – 8 p.m. – free

Maxim Pritula - Photo: Tobias

Maxim Pritula – Photo: Tobias

“My spirit feels as if it were a bird. A bird in cage founded upon its own ideas”. With Ingra, Maxim Pritula leads us through the world of traditional Russian music.

His songs deal with love of nature, of women. But, between the lines, home – homeland – shape the central motives of his music.


He was born in 1985 in Odessa in the south of Ukraine. In 2003 Maxim Pritula and a part of his family settled down in Germany where he has been studying videoart and painting for four years at the University of Bauhaus in Weimar.

Inspired by his father he has dedicated himself to making music since his childhood. He wrote his first song when he was 12. Now Ingra, his first album, is out.

Maxim Pritula is a cosmopolitan. Even in Odessa, with his father, he used to listen to LPs by Alexander Rosenbaum and Alexander Dolsky – Russian songwriters.

And when he was a child living in Jerusalem, he used to sing in the choir of a jew-orthodox school.

Once in Germany – in Erfurt, Maria-Antonia Schmidt from the band Chapeau Claque made him meet the musician and producer from Thuringia Frithjoff, with whom he still works and who produced his first album. The singular connection between klezmer, a typical music in Odessa, a modern way of singing, influences from blues, tango and Russian folklore give its singularity to his music.

Pritula’s homeland is his brother, who is still living in Odessa. His home is where he is at the moment.

Barefoot on sky-wide grass, moved by the winds, a nasty dog passes himself off as a cat and the time does not depend on the weather. Pritula’s texts are colorful, away but primary and of a scant beauty.

His music:

And even if everybody is not up to understand the texts, a full spectrum of images and emotions is conveyed. For Pritula, the Russian language is the most honest; it is his culture that he wishes to carry over the world. And with Igra, he was successful.

To know more, visit Maxim Pritula’s website.

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