On Saturday 18th April – 8 p.m: Piano Session with Mischa Blanos

Mischa_pianoPiano Session is an acoustic-electronic concert, a contemporary expression of improv music.

The music is open to decipher using the codes.

Mischa Blanos is all about one single instrument – the piano – and he uses it, transformes it and twists it to create acoustic-electronic sounds and contemporary pieces. His music is for the NOW people and he marches with the new wave of piano musicians of the neoclassical movement.

He is a self-trained Eastern European composer and on-stage entertainer. Mischa Blanos is here to remember you that piano is also a percussion instrument, just letting the harmonies flow over the rhythm skeleton. It’s a paradox you’ll feel from the first minute: listening the classical piano sound but having the feeling of listening electronic music as well.

Come and join me in his musical journey in Raum B.

Discover about Mischa Blanos here.

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