On Friday 20th March: open mike with the US publishing company International Word Bank

Open mike in Raum B

Open mike in Raum B

On the occasion of the setting up of the new US publishing company “International Word Bank” Bren Petrakos and Matt McGee are on tour in Europa and on 20th March, in Berlin!

The purpose of this new house is to publish texts of prose, poetry, fiction, science-fiction, self-help and biography.

Another aim is “to put together an organization that brings several small publishers, original musicians and podcasters all under one roof and promotes the united artists by performance and salons!”

If you’re in the mood to share with us and with Bren and Matt your creation: here you are!

On 20th March, 8 p.m. YOU can handle the mike!

The aim of the evening is to allow this brand new house to find new authors and to connect with new voices in literature!

Matt McGee is the editor of International World Bank. He is an author himself. He is the editor of the Falling Star Magazine, too.

Bren Petrakos is an author herself and a member of International World Bank.

She published The Book of This – “a mystical flash fiction”…

She is used to open mikes as you can see on her website! Every day’s life, men, women, love, hate, relationships, funny, hard or sarcastic, her moods are diverse… But one is sure, she knows how to play with the words and let them reach the audience -straight!

Brend Petrakos in “This is what it feels like…”

First published books:

Poetry with Strange Summer by Chris Vannoy and an historical prose by the UK author Ned Swan.

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