Friday 20th February : HIFI/LoNoise – The Musicians are Present (?)

Music – performance

On Friday 20th February at 8 p.m.

Admission: 5€


Louis Laurain (Trumpet/Electronics)

Pierce Warnecke (Electronics//Objects)



Two musicians.

  • No start, no end.
  • A possibility of absence.
  • Arrays of speakers / instruments for diffusion.
  • Neither a concert, a performance nor an installation.
  • Any combination from 0-2 is possible: duo, soli or nothing.
  • Absence can be either silence or prepared/composed materials.
  • Improvisation beyond sound, including diffusion, disposition and presence.
  • Exploration and questioning of the idea of a performance and its boundaries.


“The Musicians are Present (?)” is a performance/concert/installation that intends to question what a public presentation is and how these three standard models can intersect. The goal of the piece is to present an uncommon sonic experience that plays with any expectations or assumptions the listener might have based on previous experiences; subtle confusion and disorientation that toys with the performer/spectator relationship and the sometimes unquestioningly inherited roles both sides act out.



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