Friday 13rd March: vernissage of the exhibition “Recette & Bicyclette”

Claire and Lucie are two young women who decided to leave Berlin last spring to reach the black Sea in Romania by bike! They travelled through Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania (almost 2 500 km on the bike) and collected recipes and gran-mothers’ stories. They have illustrated the recipes (about 50) with their drawings and pictures.

Beyond the journey

© L. Morvan/C. Zanni

© L. Morvan/C. Zanni

“At a time when European Unity and the richness of its diversity are put in question, we want to focus on a region of Europe that is less know and often subject to stigmatization : the Eastern Europe, from Eastern Germany to Romania. What better way to discover a culture and people than use an element common to all and an essential part of the daily life : home cooking.

Stereotypes exist on the cooking of each country, but realities are always more complex and made of a diversity of individual, familial and regional stories. Identities related to food are strong. People exiled in foreign countries often keep on cooking meals from their childhood and spend time seeking specific food staple not easily available where they live. It is a complex and rich relation that people have with their country’s cuisine and this is this relation that we will study and discover through our encounters.

In our project, we want to discover new recipes but not only. We attach importance to the ceremonial surrounding it : during the preparation of the meal, while eating and after. “Man reveals himself in what he eats, but also in the way he eats it”.”

Claire and Lucie

© L. Morvan/C. Zanni

© L. Morvan/C. Zanni

To know more about the project, visit the website of Recette & Bicyclette.

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