On Friday 13rd Februar – 7 o’clock p.m.: vernissage “Collective amnesia” by Denis van Baren – concert with Matteo Tambussi

Collective amnesia - Denis van Baren

Collective amnesia – Denis van Baren

Denis van Baren‘s piles of books are explicit metaphors of the fragility of knowledge as well as the disruption of our cultural references. Placed in a precarious equilibrium, our collective memory is subject to the laws of gravity.

The instability of these constructions and their chaotic environment that are represented by piles in open spaces, as well as dynamic perspectives, lights and shadows put the emphases on a transitional state, a swing towards a new (dis-)order. Through this fall, the paradox is that knowledge becomes again accessible, with a possible return to the sources, a recovered freedom that stemmed from chaos.

To know more about the artist, click here.

The vernissage will be the occasion to listen to the music by the artist Matteo Tambussi.

As a singer and a songwirter he is mostly performing in acoustic solo at the moment.

His first solo work “Spiritual Slang” (Ep) is out on 21.12.14 and available here.

ISLAND by Matteo Tambussi


GOODNIGHT by Matteo Tambussi

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