On Friday 10th October: meet the band Tronc at Raum B from 7 O’clock p.m.

Tronc at Raum B

Tronc at Raum B

Tronc will accompany Hirlemann for his vernissage. The band introduces itself:


We are a band of joy and love.

 The band is Berlin-based musicians Pierre Bizot jig-twisting the electric guitar and Niko Pollansky smash-boogying the drums.

In a dynamic range running from subtile whispering to ridicule blast the band aim to create a new folklore, entangled in a rhizome of influence that has as much to deal with celebration music from the desert of Sahel (Mdou Moctar, Collectif Onze), polyrhythmic rituals from the Pygmee Aka of Central African Republic or mongolian and tibetan polyphonic singing as it is driven by the raw energy distilled through the New-York No-Wave scene and its filiation – DNA, James White and the Blacks, the immortal Swans on one hand and the now-wave of Thrill Jockey Records, Lightning Bolt and so on on the other hand – over and above improvisational skills and tools that both Pierre and Niko reached over years of strong acquaintance with free improvisation and noise scenes in Paris, Berlin and abroad.

The band has a name and the name is Tronc: which in french states for Trunk, Torso or Core Curriculum.

Now we have lo-fi recordings of what it sounds like (in a practice room), but moreover, we are eager to play live shows so if you have the space and nice neighbors: hire us.

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