Friday 10th October: Vernissage – exhibition « Shut Down Theater » by the artist Stéphane Hirlemann

Hirlemann at Raum B

Hirlemann at Raum B

Stéphane Hirlemann is a French artist who has been working in different fields of visual art for almost ten years: he works as a graphic designer and a videomaker for theatres among others. In this context, he offers us to discover the silk-screened theatre’s posters from plays in which he was involved.

He regularly works with Franck Taponard and Pierre-Marie Baudoin, both taking part in the theatre company « La fille du pêcheur ». They are both actors and producers but each has his favorite thematic. Franck Taponard is busy questioning childhood (kind of looking for the lost past). Pierre-Marie Baudoin works on the representation of violence.

Theatre’s posters are the first key to a play, it is a kind of invitation to discover more, the spectacle discovers a bit of itself through the poster…

The exhibition will allow you to attend following works: Please, sir!, from Frigyes Karinthy, Flying through Space from Charles Bukowski or original works such as Brenda Oward which text was created by Camille Amouro and Franck Taponard.

Fritz BauerNot to forget Medea (from Euripides, Seneca, Appolonios, Ovid, Müller, Gaude, Corneille), The Old Woman from Daniil Harms, The Trojan Women from Euripides, Fritz Bauer (with extracts from interviews of Fritz Bauer and texts by Hannah Arendt)…

« It is an opportunity to express myself through one image – what a unique spectacle develops in itself. One universe, one thought, one claim. As a poster designer and a video maker, I have now the opportunity to take back the spectacles and to find a common denominator. I liked and still like getting into these universes, giving my best to them as well as offering my own interpretation of the different works. » Stéphane Hirlemann

To know more about the work of Stéphane Hirlemann, click here.

We should not forget to mention that Stéphane is the author of the comics « Rocambolesque ». The two volumes are available at Raum B!

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