22nd August 2014: celebrate the reading and take part in the „Ray’s Day“ at Raum B!

© commons.wikimedia by Liftarn

© commons.wikimedia by Liftarn

Initiated by Neil Jomunsi, the blog’s author of « Projet Bradbury », the “Ray’s Day” is dedicated to the reading, the readers and naturally the authors!

Why on 22nd August? Because it is Ray Bradbury’s birthday!

To greet the nice initiative, Raum B has decided to take part in this day and to offer free space to creation!

You are a writer and would like to present your writings to a wide public? Just come to Raum B!

Nothing is more simple: write us to contact@raumb-berlin.com before 20th August and let us know how long you would need and which thematic you will deal with!

A website already exists: http://raysday.net/


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